Discretionary Investment Management

“It is reassuring to learn that all of the directors’ own investments are managed by the firm in the same way as mine".

Discretionary Investment Management

The cornerstone which helps to protect and grow your financial prosperity is our discretionary investment management service.

Investing in markets is for the long term and you need to feel comfortable with the investments that you hold. Most of our clients do not have the confidence, knowledge, or indeed time to manage their own assets. Hurley Partners assumes this responsibility for you, never forgetting that it is your money.

Using our specialist in-house research and analysis, we build a portfolio of investments carefully chosen to reflect your personal situation and preferences: our qualified team manages these on your behalf, reporting to you regularly.


We give you the reassurance that a specialist you trust is looking after your assets.

We are always available to talk to you about your investments. Being accessible to our clients is very important to us.

You will receive a regular valuation of your portfolio, an annual review meeting and where applicable, full tax year-end reporting. A secure online service is also available.

Overall our aim is to make life less complicated for you whilst delivering a tax-efficient and strong investment performance.

Our expertise in both investment management and pensions provides you with an efficient, integrated and joined-up service that is rarely available.

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