“Yesterday’s presentation was excellent – loved it. Really informative and what came across was how important your clients are to the firm and the camaraderie amongst your team.”

The building of long-term and mutually beneficial professional relationships, notably firms of accountants and solicitors, is central to the culture of Hurley Partners.

Our clients have a need for expert advice at every stage of their business and personal lives. When they require specialist legal or tax advice we are always pleased to recommend a suitable firm with whom we have built a strong working relationship.

Our services are complementary to those of our professional partners and we are similarly delighted to receive introductions. We will offer a first meeting quickly and without obligation. Going forward, there will naturally be the provision of comprehensive reporting, valuations and tax information; but the main point is to retain an on-going dialogue between professionals for the benefit of the client.

If you would like to explore how your practice can work together with Hurley Partners please contact Peter Collier.

How We Could Help Your Clients

  • Discretionary investment management
  • AIM portfolio service
  • Small self-administered pension scheme advice
  • Reviewing complex pension arrangements
  • Pension scheme nominations
  • Pensions and legacy planning
  • Technical updates for your firm
  • On divorce – pension and investment advice
  • Tax-efficient income and estate planning
For more information please contact Peter Collier on 020 8936 3970 or email him here