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Hurley Partners Raises Further £125K for Atkinson Morley

Hurley Partners may be a niche wealth manager with client assets of around £650M but the business certainly packs a heavyweight punch when it comes to Charitable Fundraising, having just handed over a cheque for £125,000 to Mr Tim Jones, Consultant Neurosurgeon & Neuro-Oncology Lead Clinician at the Atkinson Morley department of Neuro-Surgery at St Georges Hospital, Tooting.

“This is not a one-off donation” says Chairman, Tony Hurley. “We have always wanted to make a difference to our community and since 2015 a staggering £330,000 has been raised and in 2018 we established The Hurley Partners Charitable Trust to oversee these activities. Our focus in on medical projects with specific emphasis on the purchase of equipment often outside of the reach of the NHS”.

This is borne out by the firm’s history of donations for life-saving equipment to Atkinson Morley (over £250K), The Sussex Heart Foundation (£20K) and St Richards Hospital, Chichester (£10K) as well as smaller donations to a further 40 small local hospices and charities. But why Atkinson Morley (part of the renowned St Georges Hospital in South London)?

As with so many success stories, this started with a personal experience from within Hurley Partners and a connection was quickly forged with Mr Tim Jones who explains, “The exceptionally generous donation from Hurley Partners will enable us to purchase two pieces of essential equipment. Firstly, we will purchase a machine which will allow us to monitor brain and spinal function throughout surgery. A major component of neurosurgery involves cutting in to brain and spinal cord tissue to remove tumours, blood vessel abnormalities and to repair damaged bone (in the spine). As the patient is asleep, it can often be impossible to determine whether the nervous tissue being cut is essential and damaging it will result in major disability. This machine will allow us to continuously monitor the integrity of the brain and spinal cord and to test function before cutting eloquent or functioning tissue. This equipment will without doubt prevent patients from suffering disability and may even save lives.”

“Secondly, this donation will enable us to purchase a Cranial Image Guidance system. We currently have 2 systems, one of which has reached the end of its life which urgently needs replacing. The new systems will allow us to determine within a few millimetres of accuracy precisely where the surgeon is in the brain. This allows smaller wounds, quicker surgery and prevents damaging eloquent structures by working out safe trajectories to lesions deep in the brain such as tumours, blood vessel abnormalities and fluid spaces (ventricles); it can also be used to place electrodes deep in the brain to treat movement disorders such as Parkinsons disorder and tremor.”

“This donation will have a life changing legacy for many, many years to come.  Every single penny will be spent on this equipment which will be used day in and day out for patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly in a very busy and highly specialised neurosurgical unit covering over 3 million patients in London, Surrey and Sussex. It will preserve brain and spinal cord function, speed recovery and will inevitably make the difference between life and death.”

How does a relatively small wealth manager raise so much? Mr Hurley is very clear “We have been very fortunate to have so many generous clients and connections. At our client dinner at Claridge’s in October we raised over £120K on the night through auctions, draws and a raffle: our aim was for £70K!  The donation of ‘money can’t buy’ items such as being guests of Mercedes Benz F1 at the British Grand Prix in 2020, coupled with the extraordinary generosity of our clients, friends and employees who understand the immediate impact their donations can make, have led us to this position. To exceed our target was simply unbelievable and I thank everyone involved.

Our 2015 Charity Golf Day was the catalyst and this event takes place annually; it is a key contributor to the Charitable Trust and is brilliantly innovative and different it its approach”.