Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes

The opportunity for Small-Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSASs) to play an important and effective role in family tax and legacy planning has never been better.

Small Self-Administered Pensions

For over 40 years a SSAS has been used by directors of family businesses to provide control over their pension fund and simultaneously assist in the development of their company.

Our expert pensions team has built a reputation in this specialist area. They understand the practicalities and many complexities that are involved in protecting and growing personal wealth through a family-owned business.

Commercial property purchase, loans from the scheme to the business and greater investment freedom are just some of the benefits of a SSAS. As a director and scheme member you will also be a trustee.

A SSAS has the potential of being one of the most tax-efficient vehicles available in family wealth planning.


We offer a comprehensive solution from scheme set-up, administration and professional trustee services to expert pension and investment advisory services.

We give you the reassurance that a specialist you trust is looking after your assets.

We are always available to talk to you about your pension scheme. Being accessible to our clients is very important to us.

SSASs & succession planning

Planning for succession in a family business is an important matter. Whilst there are many strategies, one that often falls under the radar is using your pension scheme as part of the overall plan.

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Why have a SSAS?

The opportunity for Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SSASs) to play an important and effective role in family and legacy planning has never been better. Keep control of your scheme and its investments.

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