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Time To Reshape Savings & Investment Plans?

View The Webinar Here

Many of our close professional colleagues joined us on 17th June for our Webinar that was specifically aimed at helping clients and trustees get back on track with their investment and pension strategy as we start to ease out of lockdown.

In a poll conducted at the beginning of the event 53% of attendees thought things would get worse before they got better and only 8% felt things would get a little or a lot better in the short term. A second poll revealed that over one-third of delegates will be reassessing their values with the aim of shifting emphasis away from material things, and nearly another third admitted to being part of the Sandwich Generation and that they needed to devote more time to plan for themselves (rather than others). A very clear indication that now is absolutely the right time to reshape savings and investment plans.

Director Julie Sebastianelli and Head of Investment Management Charlotte Aspinall lead the presentations and case studies which can be viewed by following the link above.